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The term ‘the lens of love’ refers to viewing the world through God’s perspective. This concept is derived from Wei Wei Chang’s book, ‘The Lens of Love.’

Are you seeking to strengthen your connection with God and embark on a journey toward a more fulfilling life? If so, the ‘Lens of Love Coaching Program‘ may be precisely what you need. This powerful 9-week course, grounded in faith and Biblical wisdom, is designed to guide you in shifting your perspective, enabling you to see God, yourself, and the world through the lens of love.”

The Lens of Love coaching program utilizes the ‘Lens of Love eCourse,’ which consists of nine powerful lessons.

the lens of love eCourse

What is the lens of love?

“The original lens – the lens of love – is the original package that comes with our creation. This original lens becomes faulty, tainted, and distorted when we choose to disobey God. In our sanctification process, the Holy Spirit helps us restore our original lens of love, enabling us to see God, self, and others through His eyes.” – from The Lens of Love Book.

What is a lens in the Bible?

A lens is a perception or perspective. In the beginning, God saw His creation through His lens: He saw everything He had created as ‘very good.’

God makes us in His image and likeness. We see everything He has made through His lens as ‘very good.’

In the fall, mankind acquired tainted/faulty lenses: fear, hatred, and hopelessness, which deviated from the original lens of ‘love, faith, and hope.’

On our sanctification journey, God invites us to shift our lenses from hell to heaven, darkness to light, bondage/slavery to freedom, sin to righteousness, temporal to eternity, death to life, old to new.

How does Jesus use the lens of love to coach people?

Jesus coaches people by asking powerful questions. He asked, “Who do you say I am?” Simon Peter’s answer reveals Jesus’s true identity as Messiah, the son of the living God. Then, Jesus revealed Simon Peter’s identity (Peter, the rock), calling (on this rock, I will build my church), authority (the gate of Hades will not overcome it), and purpose (given keys of the kingdom of heaven, whatever you bind and loose on earth will be bound and loosed in heaven).

The Lens of Love Coaching Program

The Lens of Love Coaching Program consists of 9-week lessons.

Week 1: Embracing God’s Perspective

In the first lesson of ‘The Lens of Love’ Coaching, you’ll dive into the concept of God’s perspective. This lens of love allows you to view yourself, God, others, and life experiences through the eyes of faith, love, and hope. This profound shift in perspective has the potential to open doors to a more fulfilling life and more profound, more meaningful relationships. It invites you to partner with God in aligning your daily perspectives with His, ultimately leading to a life rich in purpose and joy.

Week 2: Restoring the Lens of Love

Many of us carry around tainted lenses acquired over time that hinder our connection with God, affect our self-worth, and strain our relationships. Lesson 2 explores the origins of these tainted lenses and emphasizes the importance of returning to the lens of love on your Christian journey.

Week 3: Recognizing God’s Voice

Week 3 takes a fascinating turn as you learn to recognize God’s voice in the physical world. Discover how God uses analogies and symbolism throughout the Bible to communicate His intentions and guidance. This skill will empower you to identify and respond to God’s voice more effectively.

Week 4: Embracing Generational Blessings

Shifting the focus from breaking ungodly generational patterns to discovering and passing on godly generational blessings is the heart of Lesson 4. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you’ll explore the significance of generational lines and your role in preserving and passing on godly legacies to future generations.

Week 5: Unveiling Tainted Lenses

Observing your focus, words, and attitudes can unveil tainted lenses. In Lesson 5, you’ll gain valuable insight into how these lenses manifest in daily life and learn how to identify and address them.

Week 6: The Power of Godly Imagination

Lesson 6 explores the use of godly and ungodly imagination. You’ll learn how tainted lenses often reflect ungodly imagination toward yourself, God, and others. Through simple prayer and practice, you can cast down ungodly imaginations and activate godly ones, paving the way for a more transformative and positive mindset.

Week 7: Writing for Healing

The impact of writing on our brains is profound. In Lesson 7, you’ll discover how expressing forgiveness through writing can shift tainted lenses toward the lens of love. The process may even lead to physical healing and well-being.

Week 8: Prophecy for Transformation

Understanding how tainted lenses affect your ability to prophesy is the focus of Lesson 8. You’ll explore how prophesying through the lens of love can bring about transformation in your life and the lives of those around you.

Week 9: Discovering Your Significance in Christ

Week 9 addresses how tainted lenses may block you from recognizing your significance in Christ. Through self-reflection and guidance, you’ll identify and remove these barriers, allowing you to embrace your importance in God’s eyes fully.

In this transformative 9-week coaching program, you’ll be guided through a journey of faith, self-discovery, and empowerment. ‘The Lens of Love’ Coaching empowers you to see God, self, and the world through a different lens, one of love, faith, and hope. Are you ready to experience the life-changing power of this coaching program? Join us and unlock your potential through ‘The Lens of Love.’

The lens of love coaching


This blog post elaborates on the ‘The Lens of Love’ Coaching program, highlighting the key lessons and their significance in fostering personal growth, spiritual development, and enhanced relationships.

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