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Each new year promises a fresh start, a chance to reset, refocus, and redefine our life’s path. Yet, amidst the busyness of daily living and the pursuit of our aspirations, many feel disconnected from their faith, longing for a deeper spiritual connection. If this resonates with you, allow us to introduce a unique approach to yearly planning that involves intentional pausing, reflecting, praying, and planning.

spiritual pause
spiritual pause

Understanding the Need for a Spiritual Spa (Selah)

In our fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to get swept up in a web of responsibilities. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning to when we shut them at night, we often navigate never-ending to-do lists and commitments. In this whirlwind, we may lose touch with our connection with God, feeling as if we’re merely surviving rather than purposefully moving in a direction aligned with God’s will.

Having a fresh perspective on the tasteless, mundane, and endless life routine is where the concept of a spiritual spa becomes essential. A spiritual spa or pause (Selah) is not just a break in the day; it’s a deliberate moment of stillness, a sanctuary where we can reconnect with God. It’s an opportunity to step back from the noise and chaos of the world and tune in to the whispers of God’s wisdom. “Selah” is the word used many times in the Bible, especially in Psalms, for ‘rest and pause.’

It’s easy to overlook these small, still voices when we’re caught up in the busyness of life. When visiting a spiritual spa, we intentionally create space to listen and respond to that divine voice. This intentional pause helps realign our spirit with God, steering us away from aimless ‘doing’ and towards a life with purpose by faith. Let’s explore further how this spiritual pause can be experienced and utilized through our unique Spiritual Coaching Spa.

What is a Spiritual Coaching Spa?

Imagine a sanctuary amidst the clamor of daily life, a haven where the sole purpose is to be still and listen to what God has to say intentionally about the issues that truly matter to you and your life. This sanctuary or haven is what our Spiritual Coaching Spa is all about. Like group coaching, this unique pause time offers an hour-long escape from everyday distractions. It’s an intentional space to be still, to reflect, and most importantly, to listen to the divine voice that often gets drowned in the noise of our daily lives.

In this supportive group setting, a coach will guide you by asking thought-provoking questions that encourage meaningful reflection and planning. But this is not just planning in the traditional sense; it isn’t about listing materialistic goals or desires.

The Spiritual Coaching Spa is about taking a holistic view of your life, looking at spiritual development, mental health, and relationships. Together, we’ll align these aspects with God’s purpose, creating a roadmap for a more spiritually fulfilling journey through 2024. It’s a powerful hour of communal reflection, prayer, and intentionality, guiding us toward living a life deeply rooted in our faith.

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Embracing the Power of Group Coaching

Group coaching can be an unexpected but valuable catalyst for personal and spiritual development. The power of shared experiences, insights, and collective wisdom cannot be understated. It’s a powerful mosaic of perspectives, a union of voices, each offering unique wisdom and encouragement.

It’s a space where struggles can be voiced, victories celebrated, and growth encouraged. This communal dimension brings a richer depth to the experience, providing individual clarity and shared enlightenment.

How to Prepare for the Spiritual Coaching Spa

Let’s explore how to prepare yourself for the best spiritual coaching spa. First, be open to God and tune into God’s voice for what is in His heart for you. There might be things weighing heavily on your heart. During this pause, stay open to what God has to say.

Secondly, approach this experience with a heart primed for receptivity. Prepare to engage in this spiritual pause fully. Be ready to actively listen, reflect, and thoughtfully plan for the year ahead in sync with God’s intentions.

Lastly, be authentic and vulnerable when sharing what you hear from God. Vulnerability has the power to transform lives. Have a stack of papers and a pen ready to write down what you hear from God.

Planning New Year – A Unique Approach

The approach to sketching out our plans for 2024 with the Spiritual Coaching Spa is unlike any traditional method. It takes us beyond the realm of mere goal setting or jotting down objectives. It allows us to dive into uncharted territories of spiritual development, mental tranquility, and the essence of our relationships.

As we partake in this group coaching experience, we can draw a comprehensive map for the upcoming year. However, this roadmap is not dictated by societal norms, expectations, or even our desires. The whispers of divine guidance, unearthed through prayer and reflection, will guide our pen.

By creating this space of stillness, we will listen intently to God’s voice, allowing it to lead us as we draft our journey through the year. So, as we prepare to venture into the new year, we do so with a unique approach – one that promises to intertwine our life’s path with God’s divine plan.

spiritual coaching spa

Your Invitation to Pause and Reset

Here’s an invitation to explore a fresh perspective and a deeper spiritual connection. If you yearn for a faith-driven life or seek God’s guidance amid life’s chaos, this spiritual pause could be the key to unlocking a more fulfilling new year.

The Spiritual Coaching Spa is not just an event; it’s an encounter with God, a journey of self-discovery guided by the gentle whisper of God. Imagine starting the new year with a renewed spirit, a clarified vision, and a heart filled with peace and inspiration.

Now, that’s not just a fresh start; it’s a spiritual new beginning. So come, embrace the power of ‘Selah’. Tune in to God’s voice, drown out the noise, and let the voice of God guide your year. Let’s enter a year of spiritual growth, divine alignment, and enriched relationships. So, are you ready to take the plunge? The Spiritual Coaching Spa awaits you.

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