The Lens of Love Coaching

Unlock Transformative Solutions: Our Lens of Love Coaching addresses all relational issues (with God, self, and others) by tackling the root cause – a lack of clear-sighted love. Discover a path to healing and connection with our specialized coaching designed to transform your relationships.

Unlock Transformation with ‘The Lens of Love’ Coaching

Step into ‘The Lens of Love’ Coaching – a transformative 9-week journey crafted to strengthen your connection with God and help you view the world through the powerful lens of love. This comprehensive coaching program is designed for individuals facing relational challenges, those seeking an escape from the rat race, and those struggling to move forward from their past. Rooted in faith and Biblical wisdom, this coaching draws from the proven ‘Lens of Love’ eCourse and the transformative insights found in Wei Wei’s book, ‘The Lens of Love.’ Elevate your life with this faith-based coaching experience, tailored for real-world challenges and lasting transformation.

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the lens of love coaching

Your Coach: Wei Wei Chang

A former Fortune 500 corporate executive, now passionate about building an intimate relationship with God, teaches from her book, The Lens of Love, with her life stories.

The Lens of Love Coaching Program

Discover the lens of love. Through it, you’ll learn to see yourself, God, others, and life through the eyes of faith, love, and hope. This profound shift in perspective opens the door to a more fulfilling life and richer relationships.

Explore the origins of tainted lenses and how they hinder your connection with God, your self-worth, and your relationships. Your Christian journey is about returning to the lens of love.

Learn to identify God’s voice in the physical world by examining how He uses analogy and symbolism throughout the Bible.

We often focus on overcoming our generational ungodly patterns. We spent little time remembering, celebrating, or passing on the generational blessings. Seeing generational lines through the lens of love is to discover our generational mandate and partner with the Holy Spirit to pass the godly generational patterns to future generations.

Discover how your focus, words, and attitudes can reveal tainted lenses within your heart. Gain the insight to identify and address these issues.

Explore the use of godly and ungodly imagination in your relationship with God. Learn to cast down ungodly imaginations and activate godly ones through prayer.

Witness the profound impact of writing on your brain as you express forgiveness and shift tainted lenses toward the lens of love, potentially even bringing physical healing.

Understand how tainted lenses affect your ability to prophesy and how prophesying through the lens of love can transform lives.

Identify and remove the tainted lenses that may be blocking you from recognizing your significance in Christ.

Grow Intimacy with God through the Lens of Love Coaching

This transformative 9-week coaching program will guide you on a journey of faith, self-discovery, and empowerment. Join us and experience the life-changing power of ‘The Lens of Love’ Coaching.”

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