Healing Relationships Coaching

Moving Forward After Experiencing Setbacks in Life.

Connecting with God can be a powerful tool for healing past wounds and finding direction in life. Take the first step towards a purposeful life today.

connecting with God

Master Healing Relationships: Navigate Challenges for a Blessed Life

Life can be filled with past wounds, conflicts, and challenges that affect our emotional well-being. Join this 8-week Healing Relationships Coaching on a transformative journey towards emotional wholeness and personal growth today.

Unlock the Transformative Journey: Hearing God’s Voice for Daily Guidance

Embark on a life-changing journey by tuning into God’s guidance for your daily life. Discover how, in my first 15 years of faith, I was unaware of my ability to hear His voice. It wasn’t until attending a retreat focused on ‘Practicing The Presence of God’ through ‘Waiting on Him’ that I started discerning His ever-present voice. This pivotal experience marked a significant shift in my authentic, personal relationship with God. Now, after sixteen years, His voice brings hope, correction, cleansing, and encouragement for everyday challenges, shaping a path of continuous spiritual growth. Explore the power of hearing God’s voice in your daily life for transformative results.

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PART 1: Connecting with God – Hearing His Voice in Daily Life:

  1. Believe in the Reality of God’s Daily Guidance
    • Cultivate Strong Faith in God’s Ongoing Communication
  2. Exploring the Various Ways God Speaks
    • Discover the Diverse Methods God Uses to Connect with Us
  1. The Quest to Hear God’s Voice Daily
    • Develop the Desire and Skills to Recognize God’s Voice
  2. Maintaining a Dynamic Two-Way Dialogue
    • Establish and Sustain an Active Conversation with God

Identifying and Eliminating Distorted Filters

  • Recognize and Remove Barriers That Obstruct Your Ability to Hear God

Building a Lifestyle of Daily Divine Connection

  • Develop Habits for Consistently Seeking and Hearing God’s Guidance

Unlock the Life Skill of Inner Healing with God: A Universal Blueprint for Success

Inner healing isn’t just for some; it’s a life skill for everyone. It goes beyond a mere coping mechanism; it’s the capacity and understanding to make sound decisions and thrive in life. We all encounter hurts, wounds, rejection, or brokenness throughout our upbringing and life. Learning inner healing with God directly is the must-have life skill that equips us to face life’s challenges successfully and fulfill our divine calling. Discover the transformative power of inner healing as a life skill and embrace the path to success in all that God calls you to do.

PART 2: Empowering Inner Healing as a Life Skill:

Deepening Your Connection with God

  • Strengthen Your Belief in God’s Guidance and Presence
  • Aligning Your Thoughts and Actions with Your Faith

Healing with the Power of Jesus

  • Engage Jesus for Resolution and Emotional Healing
  • Discover Strategies to Address Past Emotional Wounds

Confession, Repentance, and Personal Accountability

  • Embrace the Healing Power of Confession and Repentance
  • Take Responsibility for Any Transgressions

Forgiveness: A Path to Wholeness

  • Learn the Transformative Power of Forgiveness
  • Journey Towards Complete Healing and Liberation

Conflict Resolution with Divine Guidance

  • Seek God’s Wisdom in Conflict Situations
  • Find Calmness and Insight Amidst Challenges

Receiving Feedback with Grace and Gratitude

  • Cultivate a Grateful and Reflective Mindset
  • Acknowledge Feedback with Courage and Effective Evaluation
Healing Relationships


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