Christian Life Coaching: Embrace Growth, Seek Clarity, Nurture Spirituality

Are you seeking personal growth and spiritual guidance? Are you facing life challenges and need direction? Welcome to our Christian life coaching service. We help you connect deeply with God, understand your purpose, and navigate life’s challenges.

Christian Life Coaching

what is a Christian life coach?

Christian Life Coach is a better choice for Christians per Lynne Lee, a Christian life coach.

A Christian life coach approaches coaching from the foundation that

  1. You are created in God’s image.
  2. God is sovereign.
  3. He knows everything about you.
  4. He guides, equips, and empowers His children.
  5. You only find real fulfillment when living according to God’s plans and principles.

The Christian Life Coaching has these characteristics:

  1. It is based on God’s word.
  2. It helps you to define success for you as God sees it rather than how the world sees it.
  3. It helps you to operate from a foundation of faith in God.
  4. It enables you to grow and achieve without compromising your dependence on God and Christian values.
  5. It is sensitive to the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit.

What does a Christian life coach do?

How We See God is the Foundation of How We See Ourselves

A Christian life coach helps you discover the negative beliefs about God. They help you to see God as who He is and close the gap between the negative beliefs about God and who God is so that His provision, protection, and affirmation can flow into your life.

Seeing Yourself As God Sees You Is The Key To Lasting Change
A Christian coach helps you to discover the negative limiting beliefs that hold you back. They help you to see yourself as God sees you, shed light on limiting beliefs, and trade these with Biblical truth.

When you change what you believe, your whole life changes. Scripture encourages you to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Following the transformation sequence of Belief -> Thinking -> Feeling -> Actions, you will gain security, confidence, and courage to fulfill God’s calling.

What Kind of Things Can You Work on With a Christian Life Coach?

  • Demolish mindsets that are holding you back
  • Gain a fresh perspective on your relationship with God
  • Learn how to hear God and be led by Him in your daily life
  • Improve relationships
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Build your confidence
  • Find balance in your life
  • Gain clarity in a career change
  • Leave past behind and move forward
  • Develop an effective plan of action
  • Seek breakthroughs in any area of your life
  • Need support and accountability

Why Life Coaching

Get results faster with confidence:

Results: 80% of coaching clients have improved self-esteem or self-confidence

(2009 ICF Global Coaching Study)

Effective: 73 % of coaching clients see Improvement in Relationships, Work/life balance, communications, and wellness.

(2009 ICF Global Coaching Study)

Revenues: 51% of companies with a strong coaching culture have higher revenues than other companies.

(Human Capital Institute)

Christain Life Coaching Benefits

Christ-Centered, Spirit-Led, Accountability, Personalized, Real Results

healing relationships

Healing Relationships

Achieve Balance and Happiness

Achieve a harmonious balance between your spiritual and earthly life. Experience the joy of living a life anchored in faith and purpose.

the lens of love coaching

The Lens of Love

Experience Spiritual Growth

Deepen your relationship with God through guided sessions. We provide the tools and support to foster your spiritual development, helping you grow in faith and wisdom.

thrive with purpose

Thrive with Purpose

Rediscover Your Purpose

Our personalized coaching plans are designed to guide you toward your true calling. Together, we uncover your potential and set achievable goals to guide you on your journey.

Achieve Superior
results with a Christian Life coach!

How a Coach Helped Me Navigate Through Life-Altering Event and fulfill my Dream!

After the shocking news of a demotion from my corporate job, I contacted an executive coach. Amid the unknown and facing uncertainty of the future, my coach asked me what would make me happy. The answer to this question completely changed the trajectory of my life.

I told him: my job and achievement did not fulfill me. I always want a family of my own. A few months later, I met my prince charming, and we have been married happily for 15 years.

As A Christian life coach, I help people achieve tangible transformation.

Hundreds of people have received emotional and spiritual healing from past wounds, got free from childhood trauma, and moved forward with their lives. Many of the testimonials are documented in my book, The Lens of Love.

The Lens of Love Coaching has helped Christian women deepen their intimacy with God and improve their family relationships.


Happy Clients About My Services

Christian Life Coaching can change your life!

I felt that I had been emotionally stuck before the Purposeful Living coaching program. By the end of the course, I had been refreshed. I took more opportunities to initiate new friendships. I also saw God bring healing and forgiveness to a strained friendship.
Annie Buckles
Oakmont, PA
During one of the coaching sessions with Wei Wei, I was encouraged to spend ten minutes with God. I began to journal for the first time in my life. I felt a significant connection with God when I heard God’s voice: you now see and recognize me (God) when you see and recognize the small things in life.
Melody Willett
Mesa, AZ
I took the Healing Relationships coaching from Wei Wei. This coaching provided tools to help me better position myself to hear God’s voice while walking out my faith.
Melissa Ray
Mount Morris, IL

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