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Meet Wei Wei Chang, Author, Christian Life Coach

wei wei chang

Wei Wei’s Healing Journey

After twelve years of a successful corporate career with American Express Inc. and a life-altering event, Wei Wei took a drastically different path: focusing on her family and faith. Switching from being a corporate executive to being a homemaker was challenging and complex. It took her a while to heal from the past and find her true identity.

Wei Wei went through a period of emotional healing after the demotion and rediscovering herself. Meanwhile, she helped many people receive emotional and spiritual healing through Biblical ministry, applying Christian life coaching.

Wei Wei loves blogging about faith, family, and Christian life coaching. That’s the primary focus of this site.

Her first book, “The Lens of Love,” became the #1 new release on Amazon in Christian counseling and China Historical Biography in 2020, making her dream of becoming a published author come true.

Wei Wei’s life is a continuous masterpiece of transformation; many clients have stories to tell. Feel free to take a look around!

Wei Wei as a Published Author

Having a happy family was a dream come true. Wei Wei had always dreamt of writing a book. In 2008, She too aspired to write a book, but she put this dream aside and occupied with her role as a mom and homemaker. Then, in 2018, a divine dream guided her to write. When the time was right, things progressed swiftly. Bam! She enrolled in a paid program for first-time authors in early 2019. In 2020, “The Lens of Love” was unveiled to the public.

The process of writing and publishing this book transformed Wei Wei, providing clarity and purpose. Writing is one of the many creative tools Wei Wei employs in Christian Life Coaching. The creative process, akin to art, has bestowed immense freedom upon Her clients.

wei wei chang

Wei Wei, Christian Life Coach

Discovering life’s purpose, fulfilling dreams, and healing past pain after a life-altering demotion in Wei Wei’s corporate career have become cherished milestones on her journey. Assisting others who have lost their way following a life-altering event and suppressed their dreams, helping them thrive, has become her passion. It was at this point that Christian Life Coaching was born.

Wei Wei perceives God’s divine guidance in her life. Whether it be through a decade-long ministry of volunteering, which has released hundreds of people from emotional and spiritual pain and bondage, or through teaching and equipping faith believers in workshops and seminars worldwide (e.g., Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Middle East, the USA, and more), God has unmistakably revealed His calling and purpose of transforming people’s lives to her.

Subsequently, Wei Wei discovered her knack for teaching, particularly through practical exercises that allow the application of knowledge to solve real-life problems. Organizations and groups began to request her services as a speaker and instructor. This is how ‘The Lens of Love Workshop‘ came into being.


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This course has pushed me to dig deeper and pause. I don’t usually take the time to journal unless I purposely set aside time to do so. This course pushed me to pause, reflect, and dig deeper into my prayer time. The results helped me to see that I can hear the Holy Spirit for other people (something I had doubted I could do at the beginning of the course). It truly touched me that I could hear well and that those words encouraged others!
Annie Buckles
Mission Assistant, SEAPC



1996: Obtained a Ph.D.

After five years of study, I graduated from Washington State University with Ph.D. in Applied Economics and a Master’s in Statistics.


2005: Promoted To Vice President

The promotion to vice president of Risk Management at American Express Inc. was a significant milestone in my career.


2008: Married Mr. Right

I met Mr. Right through a local children’s ministry in 2007, and we married happily in 2008. I quit my job and became a mother and a homemaker. Also, I have helped hundreds with spiritual and emotional healing through transformative life coaching.


2016: Certified Life coach

I received training and became a certified ‘Breakthrough Life Coach’ through Life Breakthrough Academy in 2016 and started life coaching.

wei wei chang