I am a published author and dedicated Christian life coach, who helps you embrace growth, seek clarity, and nurture your spirituality.

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Instead of seeing a therapist, read The Lens of Love. It will change your life as you embark on a journey of spiritual vision exam with the Spirit being your optometrist. You will gain a clearer spiritual vision!

Christian Life Coaching Services



Healing Relationships: Hear God’s Voice; Soul Healing with God as Life Skills.

The Lens of Love: Clear-Sighted Love for Fulfilling Relationships.

Thrive with Purpose: Uncover Your Calling and Fulfill Your Potential.


Shifting Perspectives with the Lens of Love. Join us for an immersive and enriching workshop based on Wei Wei Chang’s insightful book. The workshop’s primary objective is to help you transition from distorted perspectives of God, self, and others to a harmonious alignment with God’s perspective—The Lens of Love.

Video Courses

Embark on a journey of personal and spiritual growth with our video coaching courses. Designed to help you move closer to your life goals, these courses offer transformative insights and practical guidance.

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Christian Life Coaching

Christian Life Coaching: Transforming from Within

Experience the power of personal and spiritual growth with the guidance of Wei Wei Chang. Transformation is an internal journey, and Wei Wei is here to help you unlock your full potential through divine wisdom.

Wei Wei Chang is an experienced life coach with life-changing results.


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Coaching takes the format of 1:1, Video, and (or) Group Sessions.

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The Lens of Love Workshop

In this immersive 3-hour workshop, attendees come together to participate in group exercises that spark a transformative way of perceiving God, self, and others. The teachings are drawn from Wei Wei’s impactful book, “The Lens of Love.” This workshop is ideal for:

Christian Women’s Bible Study Group: Deepen your faith, relationships, and understanding of God’s love in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Christian Women’s Retreat: Elevate your retreat experience with powerful insights and a fresh perspective on love and faith.

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers): For mothers who seek a deeper connection with God while navigating the journey of motherhood.

“Powerful time connecting with God! It was a tender time with the Lord, and I loved hearing the Lord speak to each person.”
Maria Lautt
Mesa, AZ

Happy Attendees Said About the Lens of Love Workshop

video course
Video Courses: The Lens of Love eCourse

Dive into a transformative journey with our comprehensive video course, comprising nine lessons. This course is designed to equip you with the tools needed to shift your faulty or cloudy spiritual lenses to the lens of love. Through this course, you’ll begin to see God, yourself, and others through clear-sighted love.